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Search Options now on Google Images

Saturday 01 August 2009

Google has announced that its recently launched Search Options panel is now available for image searches. On the Official Google Blog yesterday, Friday 31 July, executives Ken Dauber (Software Engineer) and Nate Smith (Associate Product Manager) wrote: " A few months ago when we announced the Search Options panel, we promised that you would soon see similar functionality across our other search properties.

Microsoft search deal with Yahoo is finally done

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Yahoo and Microsoft have clinched a deal under which Microsoft's technology will power Yahoo's search results, while Yahoo will sell advertising for both companies' search sites. The giant purple pen they used might have been a bit of a joke, but the deal signed by Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer and Yahoo's CEO Carol Bartz yesterday means serious business.

Global Gaming Factory quashes doubts over its acquisition of The Pirate Bay

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Doubts expressed earlier this week that Global Gaming Factory's acquisition of The Pirate Bay (TPB) might not be completed have been dismissed by the company. Hans Pandeya, CEO of the software, Internet café and gaming centre group, told CNET News, " Nobody is uncertain about anything.

The moon joins Google Earth

Monday 20 July 2009

It was one small step for an Internet company but one giant leap for millions of web users when Google launched 'Moon in Google Earth' on Monday, the fortieth anniversary of the first moon landing. $YouTubeHelper.Add("%{url='http://www.youtube.com/v/zHJ77RsnFXI&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0', width='480', height='295'}") On July 20 1969, the world held its breath as the Apollo 11 crew took those historic first lunar steps.

Microsoft topples Google as top UK brand

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Software giant Microsoft is this week celebrating its rise to pole position in the UK's Superbrands list. Microsoft stole the glory from last year's winner, Google , which was relegated to third position, behind luxury watch marque Rolex.

Twitter’s embarrassing security lapses

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Real-time social messaging service Twitter has been fessing up over the slack security that allowed a hacker to access the personal web services accounts of co-founder Evan Williams, his wife and at least one other employee, making off with a pile of confidential Twitter documents which are now being published on the Internet.

Furore over Michael Jackson memorial tickets

Wednesday 08 July 2009

Even in death, Michael Jackson is dominating the limelight. As the clear-up gets underway at Los Angeles' Staples Centre after the massive memorial service yesterday, fans are still hotly debating the rights and wrongs of events since his death, including sales of tickets to the star-studded event on eBay and Craigslist.

Doubts grow over the visibility of free Google Apps

Tuesday 07 July 2009

Speculation that Google had abandoned its free model of Google Apps in a recession-crunching move to promote its paid-for version has been refuted by the Mountain View giant. Google Apps – a dynamic suite that combines popular Google business products such as Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar in a free package that requires no software installation – was launched back in August 2006.

Google takes action on AdWords scams

Tuesday 07 July 2009

Search Engine Marketing guide SearchEngineWatch.com reports that Google has at last suspended accounts running AdWords scam programmes. A large number of these 'get rich quick' AdWords schemes have come to light, with scam victims filling the pages of relevant web forums, seeking advice on how to recover lost money.

OUP seeks Congressional action

Wednesday 01 July 2009

The latest twist in the Google Book Search saga emanates from the distinguished publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP). Writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Tim Barton, President of Oxford University Press Inc, has urged Congress to act on the issue of 'orphan books' – tomes that are still in copyright but have no clear owner – to prevent Google having exclusive rights to use them.

Swedish software firm to buy The Pirate Bay

Tuesday 30 June 2009

Controversial file-sharing website The Pirate Bay (TPB) will be purchased by fellow Swedish company Global Gaming Factory (GGF). Under the deal, GGF – which provides digital distribution tools for Internet cafés – will pay a massive $7.76 million for TPB.

Controversy over Google’s boost to big brands

Monday 29 June 2009

Back in February, an update from Google effectively boosted the SERPs position of big brands in the US and now the modification has been exported to Google.co.uk. From 29 June, the top pages over here have been full of authoritative websites from big brand names which seem to be ranking higher than might be expected for competitive search terms.

Google launches free dashboard for local businesses

Tuesday 02 June 2009

In a bid to encourage more small businesses to list themselves in Google Local, the Mountain View giant has released a free analytical tool – a dashboard, in Google parlance – that will give business owners useful feedback on the performance of their firm in terms of local search.

Google ‘searchology’ event unveils more search options

Tuesday 12 May 2009

On Tuesday this week (12 May), Internet giant Google hosted its second 'searchology' event, a platform the company uses to update its users, partners and customers about its progress in search issues.

Green light for Google's Street View

Thursday 23 April 2009

Following complaints from privacy campaigners, the UK's Information Commissioner has ruled that Google Street View should be allowed to continue. The organisation's judgement was that, although Street View carries a small risk of privacy invasion, it should not be stopped and that banning the mapping service would be "disproportionate to the relatively small risk of privacy detriment" .

Bartz puts positive spin on Yahoo! job cuts

Wednesday 22 April 2009

New CEO of Yahoo!, Carol Bartz, put an optimistic shine on the company's dismal first quarter results at a recent press conference. Profits tumbled by 13 per cent from $1.352 billion to $1.156 billion and net income fell by a whopping 78 per cent from 2008 levels.

Raise your profile with Google

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Come on, admit it: we've all put our own name into Google to see what comes up! Many of us are disappointed at the results - either because someone with a dubious profile shares our name and hogs your favourite social networking account or, worse still, we finally make an appearance on page 342 in the SERPs.

Ask Jeeves why he's back

Monday 20 April 2009

After three years in retirement, Jeeves – the quintessential butler character – has been reintroduced by the search engine Ask.com, which is also reverting to its original name, Ask Jeeves. Recent market research in the UK, which showed that brand identity for Ask was 83 per cent stronger with Jeeves, led to the branding U-turn.

Google accused of tax avoidance in the UK

Monday 20 April 2009

Search giant Google has left HM Revenue & Customs searching for its tax payments as it joins the growing list of companies facing criticism over UK tax avoidance. Public accounts showed that Google had paid a mere £600,000 in UK corporation tax, despite local revenues in excess of £1.25 billion.

Guilty verdict for The Pirate Bay four

Saturday 18 April 2009

The four Swedish founders of The Pirate Bay have been sentenced to a year in jail and ordered to pay some £2.5 million in damages for helping Internet users to download music, films and computer games.

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